Tom Ball

If you like your coffee hot, let me be your coffee pot

Anonymous asked: Do they know? Why is it complicated?

They do, it’s not for public discussion. If you care to know you’d get to know me first.

Anonymous asked: Do you like anyone at the moment? And also, if you were fuck someone, would you just fuck them, or fuck them because they actually mean something to you?

'Liking' is an awkward phrase, but yes I do. It's all crazy complicated though. The term fuck is shit, if its a fuck then it means nothing, but that doesn't really happen with me. It's been some time since I've had the opportunity, yep. Awkward read.

Anonymous asked: Well hulllooooooooooo there! May I just say you're rather attractive. Have a nice day! xox

You may, thank you very much x

Anonymous asked: Ah thought you lived nearer to it. That's true, it can be a bit awkward standing about by yourself. For accomodation I'm sure there's a few camping areas in London (like 5) that say they are from £13.50 a night. It'd be less comfy than a bed but it's cheap and hey you could always pretend it was a music fest??

If I lived nearer then I wouldn’t think twice about it, but its about an hour or so train away, I can’t drive yet. Usually I’d go to gigs with my dad, who has identical music taste which is great. It’s gonna have to have some thought put in to it, maybe it won’t even happen, who knows with Peter.

Anonymous asked: Can't you just go yourself? Don't let yourself miss out if it does happen, just cos you've not got anyone to go with. I'm sure you'd have fun seeing them whether or not you seen them with someone.

I could, but to go by myself I have to consider transport and then a hotel or something, single rooms are more expensive. It’s gonna be a lot to spend to go on my own. I enjoy others company at gigs