Tom Ball

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"oi, alex, found this shirt online n it’s got little flowers on it! they’ve got another one jus like it but it’s reverse"

"that should be our coachella outfit"

"yea thas wot i was thinkin"

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Miles kane tag

The one thing that annoys me on here about the miles kane tag is how much there is of “milex” and Alex turner.
Don’t get me wrong I love Alex and the arctic monkeys but I don’t think Miles gets enough credit for how good his music is.
Having seen them both live over 10 times I’d have to say Miles is a better show to see. Anyone who has seen him will know how good he is live, what a great front man he is and how strong his voice is. Ever heard him cancel gigs for a sore throat?
Probably get some hate for this but who cares. Miles deserves credit for his own music and not for being Alex’s friend!

Anonymous asked: is there something you dislike about alex, in his physical appearance?